Welcome to the State of Delaware Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) Benchmark Trend Report Dashboard!

The Health Care Spending and Quality Benchmarks were established by Governor Carney in Executive Order 25, issues on November 20,2018. This dashboard summarizes the spending and quality data collected from all payers who participated in the benchmark data collection process. Unless otherwise noted, the data contained herein represents spending and quality data incurred (i.e., dates of service) in: Calendar Year (CY )2021 (final spending and quality data), CY 2020 (final spending and quality data), CY 2019 (final spending and quality data).

It is important to remind users of this dashboard that the benchmark data collection process has its own unique reporting requirements and methodology. Therefore, direct comparisons of this data to any other external data source of Delaware health care spending or per capita values should not be done. Prior to this year’s data collection cycle, data was voluntarily submitted by payers. However, HA 1 for HB 442, signed on August 19, 2022, by Governor Carney, mandated the provision of benchmark data. All spending data is net of pharmacy rebates.

The DHSS considers this dashboard an important tool for raising awareness and spurring dialogue regarding the level of and type of health care spending occurring in Delaware along with what Delawareans are receiving in terms of quality outcome results. Please note, the spending data in this dashboard does not include federal or state COVID-19 relief/special payments.

More information on the development of the benchmarks, the data collection process, and the implementation manual can be found on DHSS’s website at https://dhss.delaware.gov/dhcc/global.html.

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